Breaking Butterfly || Confidence. Abundance. Manifestation. podkast

Breaking Butterfly || Confidence. Abundance. Manifestation.

Madi Maple

Breaking Butterfly is for the girls who want more out of life. More love. More joy. More confidence. More success. More of everything they‘ve ever wanted. Madi Maple, Confidence & Business Coach and multi 6-figure entrepreneur, is here to lead you into your ultimate power and help you create the life you deserve. Every week she shares motivation, new perspectives, lessons from her life & stories from guests to help empower you and guide you to becoming your highest self. With Madi’s no bullsh*t approach to life, she talks all things confidence, manifestation, business & spirituality. And to serve you even better, Madi answers questions from listeners on the show so you can interact with her directly & get specific, guided support! So, click subscribe & get ready for your metamorphosis into your most confident, powerful and authentic self. BREAKING BUTTERFLY HOTLINE: Breaking Butterfly Instagram: Madi’s Instagram: Madi’s website:

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