Online Courses Made Easy | How to Build, Launch, and Deliver Profitable Courses podkast

Online Courses Made Easy | How to Build, Launch, and Deliver Profitable Courses

Robbin Kent | M.A.| Educator | Course Creator | Coach | Tech & Launch Strategist | Graphic Designer

Are you ready to turn the knowledge and expertise swirling around in your head into a digital course to serve even more clients?

Have you dreamed of taking days off, and still have continuous revenue flowing into your business?

If so, then you are in the right place! This podcast helps simplify the tech and strategies for building, launching, and delivering your digital course to the right students.

Hey, I'm your host Robbin Kent, Course Creation Coach & Launch Strategist, Educator, Jesus follower, your New Techie Bestie, and Cheerleader for ALL. Things. Course. Creation!

I love teaching strategies to turn your God-given skills & talents into a profitable course where you can share your zone of genius with more clients and build income on auto-pilot. After completing 2 Master’s Degrees in Psychology, 30 years as an educator, & 7 years as the Tech Strategist for online businesses, I combined my knowledge & experience and became an online expert in Course Creation & Launch Strategies!

Every week you’ll learn actionable tips & advice on how to build, launch, and deliver a profitable course with…

>Tech Tips to help you choose what platforms to use,

>Marketing Strategies that will show you how to attract the right students,

>Teaching Techniques to set your students up for success,

>Design Tricks to make your course attractive and easy to consume.

>Plus, a sprinkle of mindset & inspiration for women who are ready to create online courses with ease!

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