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Bonsai Mirai is a company, a place, a practice, an ecosystem of creators. This is our outlet for discussion of all things bonsai and beyond.

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  • Bonsai Mirai: Asymmetry podkast

    2021 Covered Wagon


    In this episode of Asymmetry, tales from the Covered Wagon’s 2021 odyssey are revealed by dream team Ira Sisson and Ryan Clumpner, in conversation with Ryan Neil. In true Covered Wagon spirit, Ira and Ryan share their impressions of the diverse cultures that make up the United States in a way that only a cross-country road trip can impart, including an unexpectedly hilarious encounter during a midnight hotel arrival halfway across the country.  
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    James Agent Soil Science


    In this episode of Asymmetry, Ryan Neil has a remarkably hopeful conversation with savant agronomist James Agent of Eden Blue Gold Solutions about the future of soil science, cultivation, and sustainability in agriculture. With an aim to reduce the human footprint in all aspects of horticulture – from farming to bonsai, James provides profound insight into mineral nutrition and the grander scale of agronomy to feed the world. To learn more about Eden Blue Gold Solutions, check out their website:
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    Sergio Cuan: Deciduous Cultivation


    In this episode of Asymmetry, bonsai professional extraordinaire Sergio Cuan rejoins us remotely for the second round of recording as we delve into his breakdown of seasonal deciduous cultivation. Based out of the Northeastern United States, Sergio's passion for maples, elms, hornbeams, and beech help us to expand our understanding of growth management and refinement through pruning, pinching, and defoliation.    To see Sergio Cuan's work, check out his website
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    Ron Lang: The Final Collection


    In this long-awaited episode of Asymmetry, Ryan returns from battle with the recent heatwave to rejoice in the company of legendary bonsai ceramicist Ron Lang. The unmatched, monumental body of work Ron Lang and his partner have created over the course of time is an inspiration to upcoming artists, and it is with profound respect we congratulate him on his retirement and final collection. Lang's extraordinary artistic influence and delightful persona will endure timelessly in the realm of professional bonsai ceramics.    To learn more about Ron Lang and his profound body of work, check out or shop our collection of Lang's work at  
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    The Rocky Mountains with Todd Schlafer


    In this episode of Asymmetry, we are joined in the office by the familiar voice of Todd Schlafer, who is one of the most talented individuals traveling and teaching bonsai in North America. Now returning from a momentous trip to the Rocky Mountains near Todd's home, Ryan and him reflect on the shared experience of taking Mirai into the wild. Reminiscing, the two wrap their shared time together after weeks of working side by side and now look forward to the national show in Rochester.    To see Todd Schlafer's work, check out his website First Branch Bonsai.
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    Young Choe


    In this episode of Asymmetry, the Mirai garden is illuminated with joy and creativity as we are joined by our honored guest, kusamono professional Young Choe. Proudly compelling and feminine, Young guides us through her and early childhood in Korea and enlightens us with her evolution as a Kusamono artist, and the origins of her passion for horticulture.    To see more of Young Choe's work, check out her website at
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    New Mirai Live Educator: David Cutchin


    In this episode of Asymmetry, we are elated to announce Mirai Live's new educator David Cutchin, a long-term student of Mirai with an extensive background in ecology and Southeastern American environments. As an expert in tropicals, propagation, and material cultivation and development for bonsai, David ushers us into a new era of Mirai Live instruction. 
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    Stone Monkey - Andrew Pearson


    In this episode of Asymmetry, Andrew Pearson, the UK-based ceramic artist behind the Stone Monkey brand joins Ryan Neil remotely to discuss the evolution of Pearson’s artistic journey. Expressing his connection to the containers he meticulously crafts, and the creation of the permanent vessel for the nonpermanent living tree, Pearson guides us through his artistic odyssey and the complicated ethos that accompanies the artists’s perspective of their own creations.    To shop the newest collection of ceramics from Stone Monkey check out our webstore. 
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    Nao Tokutake


    In this episode of Asymmetry, ceramicist Nao Tokutake joins Ryan Neil for an in-depth conversation of ceramics, delving into the concept of the vessel, the clay, the chemistry, and the origins of the bonsai ceramic. As a young and upcoming ceramic artist in the Pacific Northwest, Nao profoundly details his personal journey from his roots in Japan to his background in engineering that serves to supplement his keen artistic approach to the bonsai vessel.    Shop our collection of Nao Tokutake's ceramics in our webstore at:
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    Peter Warren: Pinching Japanese Maples


    In this episode of Asymmetry, long-time friends and bonsai professionals Peter Warren and Ryan Neil catch up on the past year and discuss the highly debated topic of Japanese maple pinching. As a Mirai collaborator and a revered United Kingdom bonsai educator, Peter Warren is well respected for his practice and knowledge of acer palmatum bonsai cultivation.    To learn more from Peter Warren, check out his website.

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