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Beyond the Design

Cray Bauxmont-Flynn

Step into the captivating world of design with Beyond the Design. Unveiling the untold stories and shedding light on the real heroes shaping the industry, this podcast goes beyond the glamour to explore the journeys, experiences, and profound insights of visionary leaders. Each episode ignites a sense of curiosity, delving into the intersection of living in a creative atmosphere and tackling the industry's most pressing issues. Prepare to be inspired as we engage with today's foremost practitioners, including renowned designers, architects, manufacturers, emerging brands, and influential tastemakers. Their wisdom will quench your thirst for design and empower you to forge connections and embrace transformative ideas. From the realms of architecture, interior design, furniture, and urban planning to the intricacies of creativity and visionary perspectives, Beyond the Design covers an expansive range of topics. As a devoted design enthusiast, you'll find a treasure trove of inspiration here. Join us as we pull back the curtain and hear firsthand from the trailblazers of the design industry. Discover their thoughts on the ever-evolving landscape of creativity, emerging trends, sustainability, and their own personal narratives. Get ready to embark on a journey of profound insights and positive disruption in the world of design.

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