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Autism Gaming and Attention with Leanne Chukoskie - Autism Tree Global Neuroscience Conference 2022

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Leanne Chukoskie, Ph.D., Northeastern University, discusses her work using video games and play-based studies to learn more about autism and uncover potential therapies. Play-based relationships in early childhood are some of the primary tools that teach us where to look and find important information. Video games provide an excellent form of environmental learning by incorporating autonomy (user picks the game), purpose, mastery, uncertainty, competition, and peer reinforcement, and they’ve been linked to improvements in perception, visuo-spatial attention, movement skill, and memory. See how Chukoskie uses video games to study behavior, make assessments, and create interventions to help people with autism. Series: "Autism Tree Project Annual Neuroscience Conference" [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 38392]

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