Ask The Boss ft. Doug Miller & Patrick "Meaty Thighs"  Mabe podkast

Ask The Boss ft. Doug Miller & Patrick "Meaty Thighs" Mabe

Core Nutritionals LLC

Doug Miller is one of the best natural bodybuilders of all time. He has been training for over 20 years and from the start he soon realized that there was a lot of junk supplements in the market so he decided to create his own to make sure he knew what he was taking and the quality! Fast forward he now owns 4 supplement brands, numerous supplement stores, called The Nutrition Corners, and still continues to Crush It in the gym daily! With that being said, this podcast dives into real questions from fans, supporters, and just curious people on the internet that want to get an insight into Doug's and his co-star Patrick "Meaty Thighs" Mabe's brain. These questions range from specific brand and business questions to general health and fitness questions and can go all the way into personal family questions. The range of topic varies greatly but one thing is for certain it is informative, funny, and even you can participate weekly by following Doug on social media as well as all his brands, specifically Core Nutritionals, and submit your own questions! Thanks for listening, subscribing, and sharing!

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