ALL GOOD VIBES - connecting new architectural horizons: A new podcast that redefines sustainable architecture, projects and space according to an augmented concept of beauty.
Promoted by the online portal Floornature and supported by the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation, All Good Vibes, on air from May 8, invites its guests to reflect on the future role of architecture and design, connecting different experiences, contexts and generations.

ALL GOOD VIBES - connecting new architectural horizons is the brand new Podcast promoted by Iris Ceramica Group Foundation and international online architecture and design magazine, which promises good vibrations convertible into inspiration and creative thought for architects, designers and the rest of us.

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    Tatiana Bilbao


    Tatiana Bilbao, founder of Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO, is one of the leading and most thought-provoking Mexican voices. Following her profession since the beginning as a means to improve social well-being, she has never renounced this aspiration. Passionate of her native country’s culture and traditions she has always strived to implement local construction techniques, regional materials and resources, combined with her ability to be modern. Author of projects in Mexico,China, Europe and the United States, she has received many awards and her works, internationally published in the most renowned magazines, have been exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries, as at the Centre Pompidou, that in 2010 acquired three of her projects for their permanent architecture collection. Our conversation focused on her intense militant involvement in a community-driven design, in the attempt to offer living spaces that everyone could adapt and shape according his own needs, wishes and expectations. A bottom-up architecture that aims to create a dialogue with the users, with the hope to give everyone the possibility to express their own identity.She will talk also about a recent housing project in Monterrey, that sees her proposing new patterns and models in the effort to modify dysfunctional tendencies evident in the high residential sector. Part of our talk has been reserved to some other projects: ‘Culiacán Botanical Garden’, Mexico, emblematic example of her will to foster a spontaneous appropriation of the place by people, ‘Research Center Of The Sea’, in Mazatlán, Mexico, an immersive dialogue with nature and ‘Pilgrim’s Route’, a 117 kilometers long religious, devotional walk, project for which Tatiana has provided a master plan and two specific site-installations, inviting other 7 architects and artists to participate with their own creations. And in conclusion I liked to add my consideration about her pragmatic and, at the same time, poetic realization, able to express a kind of magical realism.
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    JAJA Architects


    Kathrin Gimmel together with Jakob S. Christensen and Jan Y. Tanaka is one of the founders of JAJA Architects. The practice, a Copenhagen-based collective of international architects, stretches across a diverse range of backgrounds, from Norway, Switzerland, Japan and Denmark. Founded in 2008, they have been able, even if quite young, to distinguish themselves as one of the leading emerging firms in Denmark. Their works embrace a playful, fun and explosive character that, pushing the boundaries of pragmatic and functional solutions, proposes new hybrid spaces, exploring new ways of living together.Park n Play, emblematic of their strong desire of social inclusiveness and sharing, transforms a dull, grey multi-story parking garage, facing the harbour, in the middle of the urban context, into an extremely attractive red coloured, plant filled presence, culminating with a rooftop playground.Game Streetmekka Aalborg, an industrial structure, a former eternit laboratory turned into a new dynamic street-lab, dense of activities is another appealing proposal, ‘seeking to weave as many relationships as possible between what is there and what is to become’. Deeply concerned about sustainability and mobility, Kathrin will give some hints on the crucial points of their ideal architecture aspiring to satisfy the needs of a ‘desirable city’.
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    Bernard Khoury


    Born in a family of architects, Bernard Khoury is one of the most authoritative voices in Lebanon. Idealistic and romantic, a soldier who doesn’t renounce to fight for his ideals, he expresses through his works a language of rare ethical consistency and absolute freedom against unacceptable orthodoxies. After studying in the US at Harvard, in 1991 he returned to his native country, where the civil war was only officially declared over and spent a number of years passionately involved with a series of experimental projects, as ‘Evolving Scars’, in the confident attempt to have a part in the re-construction of Beirut.His first assignment didn’t involve any public reconstruction but paradoxically came from the entertainment sector: a night club in a particularly difficult and delicate key location, severely marked by evident war wounds. He was anyway, even if deeply disappointed, capable to solve the challenging task reaching a compromise that for its explosive unconventionality still today, over twenty years later, keeps intact the same strength. And it was from that moment that he started his brilliant professional career, becoming one of the most interesting and stimulating architects in the international panorama. Awarded with important recognitions, his projects have been extensively published and exhibited. Co-founder of the Arab Center for Architecture, he has been also architect and co-curator of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s national pavilion at the 14th International Architecture Venice Biennale in 2014.
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    Thomas Coldefy - Coldefy


    Thomas Coldefy is the Principal of Coldefy & Associés Architectes Urbanistes (CAAU), and together with his wife, architect Isabel Van Haute, they contribute to the international success of the firm that has offices in Lille, Paris, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, managing prestigious, complex projects at both regional and international scale. Thomas will share with us his rich experience abroad, working at renowned firms, as SOM and KPF in New York, Michel Macary and Tadao Ando in Paris, before returning to follow his own practice. In 2006 the studio won an important International competition and realised the Hong Kong Design Institute, followed by a series of important assignments from Bao’an Artistic and Cultural Center in Shenzhen, the innovative offices Wonder Building, Fondation de Chine in Paris, the future giant greenhouse Tropicalia, currently exhibited at the International Architecture Venice Biennale, requalification and renovation of the industrial buildings Rigot-Stalars and Peugeot Garage to the recent selected proposal for The National Pulse Memorial & Museum in Orlando, Florida.
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    SHAU - Daliana Suryawinata & Florian Heinzelmann


    Daliana Suriawinata and Florian Heinzelmann, partners both in work and life, along with Tobias Hofmann in 2009 established their own-independent architecture firm, SHAU, operating in the Netherlands, Germany, and from 2012 also in Indonesia. Their efforts in Indonesia are dedicated to preserve with small but extremely important interventions the character of a society at risk to be erased by aggressively inappropriate urban developments. Creative and original initiatives nurture their socially responsible architecture, while passive climatic design strategies and material experimentation characterize their environmental commitment. Together, they will share an extremely interesting project, contemplating a series of mini-libraries, spread through Indonesia, spontaneously growing as vital community’s gathering places within the poor neighborhood. Simple and modest in size, yet surprising for their incredible ingenious versatility, they have been able to overcome even the greatest economic constraints, in order to bring people closer to culture, but also to offer an open space for encounters, life and activities’ sharing. Several parks, as one of the most famous Alun Alun Cicendo, are part of their public interventions, all characterized by dynamic, multi-programmatic plans in order to satisfy the multiple demands of the collectivity at large.
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    EFFEKT- Daniel Veenboer


    This week a Copenhagen based architecture practice, EFFEKT, co-founded in 2007 by Sinus Lynge and Tue Foge, will be represented in our podcast by the young Daniel Veenboer, expert in Sustainable Urban Development. Focused on bridging architecture, technology and ecology, EFFEKT has proposed extremely innovative and interesting works, that speak about social inclusion, community participation inside a preserved natural habitat. They have recently polarized the international attention with the beautiful, green captivating installation, ‘Ego to Eco’, that is currently exhibited at the Architecture Venice Biennale.We will start our conversation talking about the wide spread respectful tendency in Denmark among the generation of young architects towards community and a social well-being, closely connected with nature and I will reserve a space to deepen how the second volume of a book series, titled ‘Co-creating Architecture’, entirely dedicated to the firm, has introduced the team as a collective of ‘empathic designers’ who practice ‘co-creation’. We will dwell on several alluring realizations, as the Forest Tower, conceived in enchanted natural contexts to promote educational experiences, bringing people, and in particular children, in close contact with a pristine nature and we will continue with the strategic environmental approaches adopted for the harbor front of ‘Middelfart’ and the new green spaces of ‘Gellerup’. We conclude our chat on topics as prefabrication, mentioning ‘The Urban Village’, a project for IKEA in synergic collaboration with SPACE10 ; circular architecture and economy, with regard to the recent intervention ‘Basarpladsen’ and ‘ReGen’, a new, exemplar self-sufficient model for a sustainable future.
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    Benedetta Tagliabue - Miralles Tagliabue EMBT


    Benedetta Tagliabue, currently director of Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, international architecture firm founded in Barcelona in 1994, with office in Shanghai and in Paris, has received prestigious awards for her works as the RIBA Stirling Prize in 2005, the National Spanish Prize in 2006, City of Barcelona prize in 2005 and 2009, and the RIBA Jencks Award in 2013 as acknowledgment of her major contribution internationally to both the theory and practice of architecture. Extremely active in the academia, she has been a visiting professor at Harvard University, Columbia University and Barcelona ETSAB, lecturing regularly at architecture forums and universities, and part of jurors around the world, the Princesa de Asturias awards and since 2014 member of the jury of the Pritzker Prize.Her professional beginning, the close collaboration with the husband and working partner, Enric Miralles, a kind of legendary figure, a man endowed with a particular charismatic and strong personality, will be the starting point of our conversation. A journey together that will represent a reciprocal growth, giving opportunity for many famous realizations, and will bring Benedetta, Italian, born in Milan, to deeply understand and love Spain.In EMBT works is recurrent the research of sophisticated combinations and unusual applications of materials, with the frequent collaboration of talented artists, as Toni Cumella, coming from a long ceramist family tradition, for the Parc Dels Colors, 2002, Diagonal Mar Park, 2003, and Santa Caterina Market in 2005, until one of the most recent projects, Plateau Central Masterplan and Housing, at the periphery of Parisian suburbs, presented for this 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, that sees the contribution of the famous street artist JR. “Living within a market - Outside space is also Home”, title of the installation, intends to emphasise the value embodied by an abandoned area transformed into a colorful plaza, similar to Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona, that will encourage the community’s participation and integration between the residents.There is a frequent expression of Benedetta ’little by little’ that characterises some of her attempts, born as aspirations without any certainty of success but gradually developed into important projects, as for example the adventure in China, crowned by several gratifying, important projects, as the recent Conservatory of Music in Shenzhen, first prize winner in an international competition.Kálida Sant Pau, part of an international network of hospitals created by the Scottish Maggie’s Foundation, finished almost a year ago, represents another moment of our talk, having been for Benedetta an occasion to reimagine healthcare and hospital facilities, providing patients with spaces full of light, in between greenery and nature, able to transmit a warm, serene atmosphere. And above this intervention, she will speak of another laudable and important initiative conceived in 2011, the creation of the Enric Miralles Foundation, whose goal is to promote experimental architecture.
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    Christoph Hesse Architects


    Christoph Hesse, graduated from ETH Zurich, after a year of study at the MIT, in 2007 received a Master of Architecture in Urban Design with Distinction from Harvard University. In 2008 he decided to return close to his native village to set up his own independent practice, Christoph Hesse Architects. His projects are all approached with great respect for the natural environment and its resources, with attentive concern about energy-saving or energy generating strategies, recycling or reusing existing materials, embracing local methods of construction and artisan skills. The conversation starts with ’Open Mind Places’, an open-ended project, strategically organized as a journey along 9 installations, ‘follies’, conceived like stations of pause and reflection. Simple signs that in choreographic sequence, as charismatic sculptures, with very precise, distinct character, harmoniously blended as integral components in the rural territory aim to convey educational messages about an ecosystem in danger, reconnecting the community with their natural environment. Christoph’s deep conviction in creating self-sufficient environments with a precise identity, focused on what he calls a system-changing approach, led him to realize projects as 'Villa F’ in Sauerland, a residential house incorporating a completely independent biomass waste to energy system. The realisation has become a kind of catalyst model that has inspired a collective response toward a more adequate use of resources. Finally some considerations will be reserved for a quite unusual initiative, 'Ways of Life’. Invited by a local developer to revitalise a beautiful, pristine green area, facing a lake, designing residences, Christoph has generously decided to involve 19 different studios of about his generation, a very heterogeneous group, proposing each an own individual interpretation of an ideal way to life in the countryside.
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    Alison Brooks – Alison Brooks Architects


    Alison Brooks, founder of her own London-based practice, Alison Brooks Architects, ABA, is regarded as one of the leading architects of her generation, the only architect of the UK to have won all three of the RIBA awards. Born and grown up in Canada, she studied architecture at the University of Waterloo, and after graduating she decided to move to UK, where at the beginning she worked with the designer Ron Arad, becoming a partner in the firm. On this episode, she will share moments of this initial journey, from her collaboration with Arad until 1996, when she set up her own practice. Influenced by her pervious artistic experience, yet remaining, as part of her character, always very pragmatic and spatially concerned, she conceived the VXO private house, followed by a long series of other residences, Fold House, Wrap House, Mesh House to her most recent Windward House, each characterized by a strong identity and personality. Her biggest commitment as an architect is, as she likes to say, to ‘heal’ precarious conditions, outdated uses, spaces and meanings of public housing and urban areas, and this passionate concern has led her to realize generous residential developments, as the Ely Court, Accordia and Newhall Be, aiming to promote inclusiveness and social diversity. For this year’s Venice Biennale, she exhibited a beautiful, extremely scenographic stage, ‘Home Ground’, part of a long-term investigated and still open research about how housing defines the way we live together in cities, inviting the audience to share new conversations. Some of these themes and ambitions take on consistency and breathe in other projects as the Cohen Quad in Oxford for Exeter College, in the heart of the university neighborhood, and in several of her new, still on-going proposals as the Maggie Center, Cancer Caring Centre at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. ‘Ideals then Ideas’, title of a monograph published in 2017, characterizes her architectural ‘ethos’, synthesizing her work’s aspirations. Authenticity, Generosity, Civicness and Beauty are the four ideals at the base of her gesture, an architecture of specificity, nurtured by social, political, cultural and artistic ideals, that doesn’t deny subjectivity.
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    Hiroshi Okamoto - OLI Architecture PLLC


    Our guest is Hiroshi Okamoto, co-founder together with Bing Lin, of OLI Architecture PLLC, a New York-based practice with offices in Shanghai and Paris, whose expertise consists of civic and cultural structures, education, healthcare, and residential international design. Their approach, attentive to create unique buildings merged with the cultural environment of the site, focuses on contextual studies using physical, digital, and parametric models. Hiroshi will share his experience, over a decade, spent working alongside I. M. Pei, as Site Representative and Project Architect, following many important projects as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha and the Chapel at Miho Institute of Aesthetics in Shigaraki, Japan. He touches some significant moments of his experiential path, until, once established his own practice, he will realize important works, as the Art Museum for the local-born Chinese writer and painter, Mu Xin. Located in the historic water town of Wuzhen, the complex, a ’delicate lakeside addition’, embodies an enticing presence, representing a vibrant living portrait of the artist. Again in Wuzhen, another excellent example of Okamoto’s respectful, sensible intervention: the North Zone Silk Factory finds a new life becoming a fascinating container of International Contemporary Art, contributing to a new perspective about globalism and localism. Several considerations are reserved to the relation between architecture and art/sculpture, due to the long collaboration between the architect and Richard Serra, leading to the most recent LX Cross Pavilion, attentively studied to the smallest details for hosting one of the famous sculptures, becoming an “art piece” itself.

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