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AP 358: How "Thinkers" Can Get Good at Feeling their Feelings || with Jill Freestone

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Repressing emotion creates physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences in your life. I’m sure you are dealing with those, just like me!

This week, I talked with Jill Freestone about tools you can use to feel your emotions. She explained that there are so many tools to work on personal growth, but you can only move forward when you learn to process your emotions. 

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    AP 368: My 4-Step Process to Create a Solid, Easy Nighttime Routine


    What’s the secret to having a better morning routine? Creating a solid, easy nighttime routine. That’s because mornings start the night before! Not sure where to start?  In this episode, I walk you through my four-step process to creating your own personal nighttime routine. This routine will meet both your desires and needs, and match the season you are in.  You’ll leave the episode with practical ways to improve your nighttime routine and end your days feeling the way you want to feel—both at night AND in the morning. HABITS CHALLENGE Full Show Notes + Transcript Podcast Sponsor - code 'ABOUTPROGRESS' Finding Me Course Episode references: 365. Do Something List, 357. Lower the Hurdles, 352. The Deep Breath, 350. Deprioritize, 348. How to Create Momentum, 274. Exhaustion with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
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    AP 367: Ways to Live (and Love) More Boldly || with Jess Frew


    Jess Frew is a podcaster, mom, stepmom, wife and ex-wife. Jess has learned to choose bold action. She’s experienced how life’s better on the other side of being bold, including your relationships too!   Join us to hear tips to live and love more boldly in your own life. You’ll also hear how Jess navigates both the complications and blessings boldness brings to relationships by setting boundaries. You’ll leave this episode with a new definition of “boldness.” You’ll have a deeper resolve to live boldly as the truest version of yourself. And you’ll make room for others to live that way, as well. Because when you do this, BOTH your true self and others around you will thrive more in the long run!  HABITS CHALLENGE Full Show Notes + Transcript Podcast Sponsor - code 'ABOUTPROGRESS' Finding Me Course
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    AP 366: You Get To Decide || Growth Spurt


    *DON'T MISS OUT ON MY HABIT CHALLENGE* Today's episode is my personal, very short, very top of mind thoughts, on how to sort through some overwhelming messaging that I know we are all seeing right now. With the start of the new year we face a lot of external pressures, a lot of 'shoulds' trying to dictate how we need to live our lives. In this Growth Spurt I want to give you the permission to find clarity for yourself, and make sure you know that you get to decide what works best for you this year. When it comes to habits, goals, ways to rest, whatever it is, you are in charge. I hope when you tune in to this bite sized episode you get the confirmation you need to live intuitively - and look forward to discussing that further in the future! HABITS CHALLENGE Full Show Notes + Transcript Podcast Sponsor - code 'ABOUTPROGRESS' Finding Me Course
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    AP 365: The ONE List You Need to Make This Year || Do Something List


    New Year, New You, right?  But, what if in the middle of all the goals and resolutions, you have no idea where to start to find “YOU?” Before I was ready to get back into list-making, 6 years ago I needed a path to explore who I was. The Do Something List (DSL) began as a way for me to discover and uncover “ME” outside of the all-or-nothing model. I haven’t seen anything like it talked about anywhere else. It changed me, and it can change you. Join me in this episode to hear my best tips AND listen to other Progressors who have benefitted from the DSL, too.  This year, you can create a new kind of list: a list that will help YOU progress by doing something to discover and uncover “you.”  (See my current list and past lists: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2016.) HABITS CHALLENGE Full Show Notes + Transcript Podcast Sponsor - code 'ABOUTPROGRESS' Finding Me Course
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    AP 364: "What I Learned in 2021" || Dear Progressor


    It feels extra special to bring you this final episode of 2021 filled with voices from this remarkable community of growth-minded women. Your voice always matter, in your home and communities, and here on this show. For many reasons this was a difficult year for me and my family, it almost seemed to blend with 2020. I'm sharing a little more about that, and of course what I learned from some of those tough lessons. (Spoiler: I almost quit this whole podcast gig!) My hope is that in listening to my story, as well as those of the women who so graciously called in, you will be able to learn something, too. So, tune in to hear from several women answering this prompt, "What I learned in 2021..." Thank you so, so much for being here and see you next year! Be On The Show Finding Me - my foundational course on identity
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    AP 363: The BEST Gift You Can Give This Season || Identity


    Do you ever feel like you’re NOT acting like yourself? This may happen on days where you’re tired, depleted, or unfulfilled. In those moments, you can’t truly give or be your true self because you don’t have a true self to give from!  This episode dives into my personal journey of finding my identity. What happened changed my life. You’ll also hear three women from our community each share what changed after they found their identity again. You don’t have to feel lost or unfulfilled anymore. Put your SELF under the tree this year! Tune in to feel empowered and equipped to take steps to be your true SELF again! This will truly be the best gift you can give all year long. Full Show Notes + Transcript Podcast Sponsor - 'PROGRESS' for 10% off Finding Me Course
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    AP 362: How to Prepare NOW for an Intentional New Year || with Steven Lawson


    Founder of Monk Manual, Steve Lawson believes the best way to start the new year is to throw away the prescriptions and to focus more on getting intentional. How can you do that? Well, there’s actual practical ways to get clear about what YOU want and what YOU need. And Steve delivers just that.  Steve's advice will leave you with what you can do TODAY to create the best year possible in 2022. You’ll go from feeling overwhelmed by another 365 days, to being empowered to take on a new year in ways that are in alignment.  Listen in to hear how to use Steve’s tips for a great new year—a year that’s all about you! Full Show Notes + Transcript Podcast Sponsor - 'PROGRESS' for 10% off Finding Me Course
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    AP 361: “How can I move forward with a really difficult decision?” || Coaching Session with Kate


    Right now, a Progressor named Kate feels STUCK because she needs to make a difficult decision that will affect her career, her family, and herself. This episode is a recorded coaching call as I guide Kate to get clarity on how she wants to move forward.   Decisions are never easy to make!  Listen to learn how YOU can get more clarity on some choices you have in front of you, and to hear my biggest truth about decision-making. (Hint: it’s not about the actual decision . . . ) Full Show Notes + Transcript Podcast Sponsor - 'PROGRESS' for 10% off Finding Me Course
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    AP 360: A Q&A with Brad for the 5 Year Podcast Anniversary || Bonus Episode


    In this episode, I sit down with my husband, Brad, to answer your most pressing questions. It was fun to turn the tables and have Brad asking the questions on topics all about the podcast and our recent move. You'll hear each of our takes on what the past five years has looked like as we celebrate this monumental anniversary. We are so appreciative of this community, so thank you for showing up each week and keeping this podcast possible. To celebrate YOU I am giving away $500, so make sure you don't miss out on that and hope you love the episode.
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    AP 359: Why “Normal” Women Need to Have Dreams, Goals, and Ambitions


    Recently, I was told I was setting a standard that “normal” women couldn’t achieve.  As a “normal” woman, YOU are allowed to want more. (Period!) No matter what season of life you’re in right now, you’re allowed to have dreams, goals, and ambitions.  Listen in to learn more on why this matters and how you (yes, you!) can reach for more in ways that matter to you.   Full Show Notes + Transcript Podcast Sponsor - 'PROGRESS' for 10% off Finding Me Course

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