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This Podcast is for anyone who is interested in Ableton Live. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, there’s something for all. I talk to lots of different Ableton user’s who I think are using the program in a cool unique way. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro, we’re all finding our way together. My goal is that each episode helps each one of us discover new things about Ableton, and inspire us to continue creating our best work yet! -Kevin Swartwood, Host

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    Episode 30 – Andrew Marshall (Billie Eilish, FINNEAS, VERITE and more)


    Andrew is an LA based drummer and has worked with artists including Billie Eiish, FINNEAS, VERITE, TKAY MAIDZA and Tor Miller. He uses Ableton both out live on the road and in his studio. Follow him on instagram @marshalldrums
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    Episode 29 – David Pfaltzgraff (Sunday Sounds)


    An absolute pleasure to speak to David about his experience with Ableton. Of course, we talk about his awesome company “Sunday Sounds” that utilises Ableton to the core. Check out for more information.
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    Episode 28 – Drum Sample Shop (Jonny Bird & Payden Hilliard)


    It’s a real pleasure to have Jonny and Payden on the show to talk about their new company Drum Sample Shop Have you been looking for authentic, fresh, and rich sounding drum samples? If so, please check out Drum Sample Shop. Drum Sample Shop have created and curated some of the best drum and […]
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    Episode 27 – ELPHNT Ableton 11 deep dive.


    Thomas Glendinning aka ELPHNT, is an Ableton Certified Trainer from South Africa who knows Ableton inside and out. I first had Tom on the show on episode 3, so it’s a real pleasure to have him back. Thomas and I take a deep dive and look at all the new features of Ableton 11. Check […]
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    Episode 26 – Frederic Robinson Part 2


    Part 2. Go Daddy is playing hardball, so I need to split this episode up. Thanks for listening.
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    Episode 26 – Frederic Robinson Part 1


    A real pleasure to finally have Frederic on the show. It’s been months of planning, and we finally did it! We talk about Fred’s career in the Drum n Bass scene, sound installations, max for live, and using real instruments while playing live.
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    Episode 25 – This one goes to 11!!


    Hey everyone, Ableton has just announced that they will be releasing Ableton 11 in the new year. Just wanted to give you my thoughts on some of the new features. For a killer walkthrough video please check out former guest ELPHNT’s youtube video .
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    Episode 24 – Kojo Samuel (Stomzy, Pussy Cat Dolls, Jess Glynne, Rudimental, Plan B, Labrinth, Ella Henderson and Anne Marie)


    What an honour to get to speak with Kojo Samuel. Kojo got started playing keys with the Sugarbabes, and then from there  became musical director for some of the biggest artists out there. Kojo has worked with Stormzy, Jess Glynne, Rudimental, Labrinth, Ella Henderson, Dave, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Plan B, as well as many […]
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    Episode 23 – Martin Roberts (M83, Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes, Schiller, Aelius)


    Really cool to interview Martin who is a keyboard player, musical director, producer, and playback engineer. Martin and I talk about how he uses Ableton for his keyboard rig, and how he was using Ableton with M83, and Shawn Mendes as a playback engineer. Check out Martin’s band “Aelius” . If you haven’t already […]
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    Episode 22 – Dave White (Ed Sheeran)


    So cool having Dave White on the podcast. Dave is the playback tech for Ed freaking Sheeran!! We talk about the custom plugin that Ed uses within Ableton to loop everything while he performs. What it’s like to be on a tour that big, and how many people it takes to pull off something that […]

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