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Episode 218: Live Coaching an Enneagram Type 2 w/Valerie Orr

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In this week's episode, Beth McCord takes Valerie Orr, a Type 2, on an insightful coaching journey. 

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Here's what you'll discover:

🌷Valerie explores her struggle with feeling selfish when attending to her own needs and the internal conflict between serving others and pursuing her passions.

🌷 Beth provides invaluable guidance on overcoming the fear of being seen as needy and the importance of self-care for sustained generosity.

🌷Together, they delve into Valerie's journey of embracing her neediness without shame, highlighting the transformative power of acknowledging and addressing personal needs.

Don't miss this heartfelt exploration of the Type 2 experience.

Thank you to our guest!

Valerie Orr (Type 2)

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instagram: @coaching_with_val

TikTok: coachingwithval

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