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Episode 217: Live Coaching an Enneagram Type 3 w/Felicia Caldier

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In this week's episode, Beth McCord takes Felicia Caldier, a Type 3, through an engaging coaching journey. Get a front-row seat and...

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🎙️Explore Felicia's drive for efficiency and success and how it shapes her daily life and self-perception. 

🎙️Hear Beth's strategies for managing the typical Type 3 challenges of maintaining an authentic self while pursuing achievements. 

🎙️Learn about Felicia's transition from the corporate world to ministry work, highlighting the unique challenges and growth opportunities for Type 3s in new environments.

Tune in for a deep dive into the life of a Type 3, and witness the transformative power of Enneagram coaching!

Thank you to our guest!

Felicia Caldier (Type 3)


Instagram: @honestlyyou_enneagram

Facebook: Honestly You:


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