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Episode 211: Live Coaching an Enneagram Type 9 w/Jilann Carlson

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In this week's episode, Beth guides Jilann Carlson (Type 9) through a real Enneagram coaching session. Together, they explore Jillan's struggles, insights, and aspirations, offering invaluable guidance tailored to her unique personality and story.

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Through the Enneagram Coaching process, Beth helps Jilann

  • Recognize common pitfalls and blind spots associated with her personality type
  • Understand the internal messages and core fears that influence her behavior
  • Leverage the Enneagram's insights to foster personal growth and self-awareness
  • Find the courage to pursue her passions and overcome feelings of inadequacy

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Thank you to our guest!
Jilann Carlson (Type 9)

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0:00 Episode 211: Best Beginners Guide for Enneagram Type 9s w/Jilann Carlson

01:02 The Journey of Becoming an Enneagram Coach

02:15 The Role of an Enneagram Coach

02:52 The Coaching Process and Guide Sheets

03:50 Introduction to the Coaching Session

04:49 The Coaching Session Begins

37:08 The Journey to Becoming an Enneagram Coach

37:51 Overcoming Self-Doubt and Embracing Your Voice

38:38 The Turning Point: Realizing Self-Worth

41:54 The Power of Self-Affirmation

42:30 The Struggles of Starting a Podcast

46:05 Understanding the Type 9's Enneagram Paths

51:47 Applying the Enneagram Paths to Personal Growth

01:05:46 The Importance of Self-Reassurance and Final Thoughts

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