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Episode 210: From Doubt to Purpose: My Enneagram Journey

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Do you long for clarity, purpose, and deeper self-understanding? Then, our latest podcast episode is just for you!

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In this insightful conversation, I’m joined by Adam Breckenridge, our Director of Coaching. We'll share our personal journeys with the Enneagram and how it transformed our relationships and careers. 

  • Learn about my journey as a Type 9, how I overcame self-doubt, and discovered my passion for life coaching through the Enneagram. 
  • Be inspired by Adam's (Type 6) experiences as a pastor and husband and how the Enneagram gave him clarity, courage, and a deeper understanding of himself and his relationships.
  • Discover how our different stories led to a fulfilling career in Enneagram Coaching.

Thank you to our guest!
Adam Breckenridge (Type 6)

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