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Episode 209: “Why Can’t I Get It Together” Type 6 Jamie Ivey’s New Book

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This week on the podcast, Jamie Ivey (Type 6) shares how she navigates her internal struggle of fear and judgment. When the world tells her to "get it together," Jamie has learned to trust herself and honor her unique personality type.

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00:00 Introduction: The Struggle of 'Getting It Together'

02:00 Jamie Ivey and Her New Book

02:47 Deep Dive: Unrealistic Expectations and Self-Trust

30:46 Understanding Enneagram Six and Its Impact on Relationships

31:32 The Power of Validation and Empathy in Communication

33:47 Navigating Relationship Dynamics with Different Enneagram Types

37:52 Applying Enneagram Insights to Parenting and Personal Growth

46:04 The Role of the Gospel in Personal Transformation

Do you feel like you need to "get it together?" Let's discuss the unrealistic expectations many of us place on ourselves.

🟣 Discover the importance of compassion, curiosity, and self-trust.

🟣 Learn about the challenges and strengths of Type Six, particularly in dealing with fear and anxiety.

🟣 Embrace authenticity, being true to yourself, and relying on your faith to navigate decisions..

Thank you to our guest!
Jamie Ivey (Type 6)

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