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Episode 207: Curiosity Over Criticism: Type 6 Pastor's Approach to Interfaith Talks w/Jeff McCullough

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We're excited to share our latest podcast episode featuring Jeff McCullough, pastor, Type 6, and creator of the YouTube channel "Hello Saints." Jeff shares his journey of launching Hello Saints during the pandemic, which focuses on fostering healthy interfaith dialogue between evangelicals and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

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🎙️Learn the importance of curiosity over criticism in fostering meaningful conversations beyond disagreements.

🎙️Explore the Type 6's inner committee of thoughts and concerns that often guide their decision-making process.

🎙️Discover how greater self-awareness can help you manage anxiety, navigate life's complexities, and trust your inner discernment.

Thank you to our guest!
Jeff McCullough (Type 8)

IG: hello.saints

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