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Episode 203: If You Were Left Home Alone Like Kevin McAllister (Replay)

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Discover how each Enneagram type tackles the iconic 'Home Alone' scenario.

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We just dropped a holly-jolly podcast episode that's bound to fill your day with laughter, Enneagram wisdom, and a dash of Kevin McCallister's mischief! Join Beth, Jeff, and their friends as they dive into the movie "Home Alone" through the lens of the Enneagram. 🎄

Discover how each Enneagram type might handle the "Home Alone" scenario. Whether you're an 8 ready to take on burglars or a 4 navigating the emotional rollercoaster of being left alone, we've got your Enneagram type covered. So, grab your cocoa ☕and enjoy this festive episode filled with laughter and Enneagram insights.

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25 Facts About Home Alone


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