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#6 Data Center Nation w/ Patrick Brodie & Patrick Bresnihan

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Recent years have seen a spike in interest from multinational investors in rural Ireland's rich wind resources, which are increasingly being harvested to power the growing number of data centers proliferating in suburban landscapes across the island.

In this episode we situate this seemingly ceaseless growth of wind/data within the long sweep of Irish history, concluding with a discussion of environmental politics in the country today.

Our guests are Patrick Brodie, a postdoctoral researcher in media studies at McGill University in Montreal, and Patrick Bresnihan, a geography lecturer at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Music by: Gaetano Fiorin (

Produced by: William Westgard-Cruice

Artwork by: William Westgard-Cruice

Photo credit: Les de Hamer (

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