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#23 Critical Care Doctor Interview - Medical Ethics, COVID-19, and Lifestyle

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Dr. David Oxman is a Critical Care Doctor and associate professor of medicine here at Jefferson and the program director for the critical care medicine fellowship. He went to medical school at Temple, where he also completed his residency in IM. HE completed four fellowships in Infectious Diseases at Tufts, Surgical Critical Care at Harvard, Medical critical care at Hahnemann, and Medical ethics at Harvard. He is currently the medical school's ethics and professionalism thread director and runs the hospital ethics consultation service here at Jefferson. I also had the personal luxury of being in a student group led by Dr. Oxman, where we had discussions about being medical students and our hospital experiences.

Oct 9th


0:00 - Intro

0:51 - Statistics About Critical Care

4:36 - What Is Critical Care?

5:48 - Journey Into Medicine and Critical Care

10:30 - Why Critical Care?

19:07 - An Average Week/Day Balancing Academia, ICU, and Ethics Consultation

25:32 - Ethics Consultation and Ethical Dilemmas in the Hospital

42:47 - Best Thing About Being a Critical Care Doctor

43:44 - Worst Thing About Being a Critical Care Doctor

45:19 - If I Give You $100 Million, What Would You Do?

48:25 - Interest in Academia

51:07 - Thoughts About Med Students on Social Media

55:44 - Common Myth About Critical Care Doctors

56:27 - Changes Over the Years and the Future of Critical Care

1:07:02 - Advice for People Looking Into Critical Care

1:07:59 - Maximizing Competitiveness

1:09:35 - Advice to People Entering a Career in Medicine

1:11:49 - Book Recommendations

1:14:25 - Lessons From COVID, Changes in Practice and Burnout

1:23:29 - What Advice Would You Give Your 18-Year-Old Self?

1:25:30 - Closing Message for People Looking Into Critical Care

1:29:18 - Closing Message

1:31:13 - Outro



Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham:

My Own Country by Abraham Verghese:


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