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EP 02: Life on set, The stand outs so far, One very funny challenge, Surf Off strategy, Tough eliminations, A potential power team, Off-day activities, and A behind-the-scenes interview with a surprise cast member

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Cassie Randolph and Joe Turpel dive deep into the third and fourth episodes of the show. They discuss how hard it is to settle into life on a set like The Ultimate Surfer and touch on which surfers have stood out to them so far, from Koa’s nonstop energy and Zeke’s lazer focus, to Tia’s competitiveness and Malia’s strategic mind. They break down the challenges, including the very competitive Barrel Challenge and some unintentional comedy in the Paddle Battle. After some more tough eliminations, the duo looks forward to seeing a new potential power team and talk about the best strategies for the Surf Off. Finally, Cassie and Joe interview another surprise cast member, getting behind-the-scenes intel on the what it’s like to live surrounded by cameras 24/7, what the contestants did in their days off, the minimal practice opportunities, and what each surfer was really competing for. The Ultimate Surfer airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC. For your chance to win a trip to the Surf Ranch, go to: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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