The MINDtastic Podcast podcast

The MINDtastic Podcast

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How much do you know about your colleagues' jobs? The MINDtastic Podcast explores work life at TGW Logistics Group. With several thousand employees, it can be challenging to stay informed and keep track of all the amazing work happening within our company. That's why we created this podcast—to bridge the knowledge gap and foster collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned TGW employee or simply interested in learning from others, MINDtastic offers a unique opportunity to learn from people just like you. Hosted by our colleague Tina Hellensteiner, the podcast features interviews with employees, to better understand their tasks, roles, and departments, and how they contribute to the success of the company. The show is produced by MINDtastic, the Global Learning & Development Program at TGW Logistics Group. We make lifelong learning a reality. Follow us on LinkedIn or contact us at min[email protected] Subscribe now and never miss an episode!

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