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ADHD Research Recap: Does ADHD change over time?

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On this week’s ADHD Skills Lab Research Recap, Skye and Sarah look at the latest research on ADHD and middle childhood. They explore how ADHD is experienced during this period, look at the connection between common symptoms and struggles at different stages of life and ask whether ADHD can change over time.

Unconventional Organisation:
The ADHD Academy:

1:38 Genetic overlap between midfrontal theta signals and ADHD and ASD in a longitudinal twin cohort

11:46 Impairment’s Role in the Pathway From Externalizing Psychopathology to Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents With ADHD

22:25 Predictors of Quality of Life and Functional Impairments in Emerging Adults With and Without ADHD: A 10-Year Longitudinal Study

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