The ADHD Skills Lab podcast

The ADHD Skills Lab

Skye Rapson

Navigate each day in an ADHD-friendly way – with research-backed strategies, real-life experiences and expert advice. Each week, UO founder Skye Rapson chats with expert guests, takes your questions and offers practical support to help you move past whatever may be holding you back. Together with UO’s coaching director, Sarah Russell, they’ll delve into the latest ADHD research and discuss how it can be applied day to day.

Skye Rapson was diagnosed with ADHD as a doctoral student. After a few years of research and work with Auckland University, she decided to leave her academic career and start Unconventional Organisation. Now a worldwide ADHD support service, Unconventional Organisation has consulted with the New Zealand Government to offer guidance on ADHD in the workplace and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, academics, and professionals work with ADHD to achieve their goals.

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