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Shimmy Cast Episode #73 - Mardi Love Interview

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Episode 73 is available for download.
40:40 minutes 14.0MB

In this episode you'll hear:
1) Question of the week

2)What happened to me?!

3) Review: Sawdust by Pentaphobe reviewed by Anala Rabari. Note: The reviewer purchased this CD.

4) Podcast-safe music: In this Divide from the album Elysium For the Brave by Azam Ali provided by Ioda Promonet.

5) Review: Tribal Revolution: Tribal Fusion Bellydance Performance reviewed by Anala Rabari. Note: The reviewer rented this DVD.

6) Emails/Feedback

7) Mardi Love Interview by Abby

8)Podcast-safe music: Heart Beats from the album Drum Attic Azzam provided by Ioda Promonet.

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