ReversABLE: The Ultimate Gut Health Podcast podcast

ReversABLE: The Ultimate Gut Health Podcast

Josh Dech

Every aspect of your life, and your health is directly connected to your gut. In fact, science now indicates that ALL disease may actually start in the gut. We also know that 93% of the leading causes of death in the United States are chronic inflammatory diseases linked to poor gut health. So what can we do to avoid the 93% and stay healthy? The ReversABLE podcast is the answer to that question. We're interviewing some of the world's most published, most recognized and most famous doctors and health professionals to ask them this question: "What does your gut have to do with it?" This podcast is for those who are looking for answers outside of western medicine, and are sick of simply being given drugs to mask symptoms. If you want real solutions to begin healing yourself naturally, we're here for you.

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