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Sean Brock on Why All Restaurants Might Need a Meditation Room, and Geeking Out in His Food Lab in Nashville

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Nashville-based, award-winning chef and bestselling cookbook author Sean Brock has been busy over the last two-and-a-half years. He launched four restaurants—including his most personal project to date: a duo of restaurants called Audrey and June. Named after his grandmother Audrey (whose middle name was June), the spaces take up both floors of a sweeping A-frame building that’s inspired by the tobacco barns of Brock’s native Appalachia. Together, they’re an ode to his childhood growing up in Virginia and to the woman who forever shaped him as a chef and as a person. But they’re also a portal into the future of food—building on Brock’s research and culinary wizardry from over a decade of leading kitchens across the South, most notably at Husk. That passion for preserving southern foodways and endless curiosity about food science continues. But now, as you’ll hear, the father-of-two takes a more mindful approach with a deeper purpose.  You can learn more about visiting Audrey and June—and follow along with more food geek-outs and culinary experiments in The Lab at Audrey. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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