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S2. Ep 4 | Coffee Chats - Learning Adaptation 4.0 [Part 2]

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Introducing: Coffee Chats

A virtual engagement, hosted by Omni HR Consulting on topical areas of discussion within the Learning and Development space.

In this episode (a follow-on from Learning Adaption, Ep.3) our panel covers:

"The world of higher education is both dynamic and continuously evolving, especially the link between theory & practice. Insight into two key aspects are covered:

1. e-Learning and distance learning provides revolutionary access to learning on your own schedule.
2. How working from home creates a positive balance between learning and your profession."


  • Ghawa Latib: Lead, ETD Practitioner
  • Demi Melton: Senior Programme Co-ordinator
  • Cindy-Lee Pike: Learning Experience Design Specialist

Podcast Host: Cindy Londt, Operations Executive at Omni HR Consulting.

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