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5.10 | Aunt Nauseam | 6.24.21

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Batten down the hatches, the Barksdale sisters are in town! It's "Aunt Nauseam," this week on Morgendorks! When Helen's niece gets ready to file for divorce, it ends up bringing the Barksdale sisters together again ... but not in a good way. Turns out they only exist to destroy one another? This is an episode that is somehow both busy (there's a friggin' D plot, y'all) and repetitive, and we get a little lost trying to figure out what that means for our episode rankings.

That said, there's some truly lovely sisterly bonding in here for Quinn and Daria, and we couldn't be more stoked about that. And the Fashion Club gets a strong B plot! Oh man, I'm already talking myself into questioning our ranking. Enjoy!


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144 Years of Divorce and Marriage in One Chart | Randal S. Olson

Provisional Number of Marriages and Marriage Rate | CDC

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