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Mindfulness with Jagruthi


Mindfulness with Jagruthi: A Guide to Mindful Millennial Lifestyle is hosted by Jagruthi Karthik. She shares her thoughts, personal experiences and real-life tips on Mindfulness, Mental Wellbeing, Personal Growth & Development, Self-care, Self-love and Health & Wellness. She is a passionate content creator, mindfulness advocate, storyteller, spiritual being and an avid meditator. She stumbled upon Mindfulness and Meditation when she personally went through issues like Overthinking, Mind chatter, Negative thoughts & Anxiety. Being a regular meditator and mindfulness practitioner herself, she has practised and still practices ways to calm her mind and stay happy. Her motto is "Peace of Mind is the New Rich".Through these podcast episodes and videos on social media, she is on a mission to help people understand the importance of mental health and wellbeing. For more wellness tips, head to her Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/jagruthikarthik/ Thank You, Stay Happy, Stay Blessed!

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