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Mind to Walk

Paths for All

Clear you head and boost your mood by taking a walk while listening to this calming meditation. Narrated by Scottish DJ and presenter Edith Bowman, this podcast will help you relax and support you to take time out for yourself

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  • Mind to Walk podcast

    Walking Meditation - imagination journey


    This guided walking meditation will talk you through an imaginative journey by helping you escape to your favourite location. Why not think of your favourite holiday, childhood memory or regular route as you listen to this 25-minute track while you walk.
  • Mind to Walk podcast

    Six-minute body awareness with Edith Bowman


    This short body awareness practice can be done while walking outdoors or sitting beside a window at home. This is a support to walking meditation and walking in general. Take time out for yourself and listen to the calming voice of presenter Edith Bowman.
  • Mind to Walk podcast

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  • Mind to Walk podcast

    Walking meditation with Edith Bowman


    This 20-minute walking meditation can help you unwind while you walk. Listen to the voice of radio presenter Edith Bowman as she talks you through a walk that will relax your mind as you move your feet. So pull on some comfy shoes and head out on your daily walk while tuning into this relaxing audio that will help you connect with yourself and nature.

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