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Your business is a machine: how to design, build, and run it successfully

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Let's assume your business is a machine. There are different activities and processes your machine goes through in order for it to be fully functional and successful. Those activities include designing, building, and running the machine. But what does that truly mean for your business?

We spoke to Richard Russell, an OKR and Leadership Coach, about his analogy: your business is a machine. In this episode, we'll:

  • Walk you through the analogy
  • Discuss what each activity — design, build, and run — entails
  • How people fit into these processes
  • What role OKRs and KPIs play in these activities
  • Share how and when you should move from one activity to another
  • Explain how to balance efforts between each activity
  • Provide best practices for successfully designing, building, and running your business

Tune in to learn more!


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