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What Was Your Defining Moment as a Product Leader? Part 2: People

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When it comes to problems leaders face, they tend to fall into two main categories: people and process. In this episode, Part 2 in a two-part miniseries, we learn from four deeply experienced product leaders. They reflect on an epiphany that dramatically improved the way they approach the people part of their role.

Product leaders featured in this episode with links to their bio videos:

  • Nicole Brolan, Chief Product Officer, Redbubble, previously Executive GM – Global Services, Xero
  • Polly Howden, Chief Product Officer, Roleshare
  • Marc Abraham, Head of Product – Engagement at ASOS
  • Audrey Cheng, Chief Product Officer at SnapComms

and yours truly, Hope Gurion, Fearless Product (www.fearless-product.com)

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