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Data protection and Unlawful Cookie Banners [Stefano Rossetti, noyb]

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How to prevent companies from misusing cookie banners to collect users’ data? What solutions are there to safeguard citizens’ online privacy?
We try to answer with Stefano Rossetti, a data protection lawyer at noyb.

• Can you please briefly introduce yourself and your organisation? [1’06’’]
• Could you please tell us about the “500 GDPR complaints” and “browser signal” campaigns? [3’22’’]
• Is the GDPR a hindrance or a tool to fight this battle? [18’54’’]
• Besides being unlawful, what are the risks of this spread of users’ information? [24’22’’]
• When I click “Refuse” (where possible), my Privacy Badger plugin still warns me that it has prevented potential third party cookies to track me. Are even lawful cookies really lawful? Or, in other words: Do we know what websites actually do with our data, besides banners’ claims? [29’25’’]
• [From the audience] Is it lawful for companies to use, for whatever purpose, sensitive categories of data collected by tracking online users (even if one gives consent to that)? [34’44’’]
• [From the audience] What do you think about the Norwegian Consumer Council to completely ban surveillance advertising? [41’56’’]
• What do you think about Apple’s initiative to protect users’ privacy: is Europe letting big tech companies take the lead as policymakers on this matter? [48’00’’]

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