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Lucy Murder House (Uniontown, AL)

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Alyssa and Hadley explore the haunting past of the Hardie-Coleman House—or, as it’s better known online, the Lucy Murder House—in Uniontown, Alabama, where the remains of 13-year-old Allan Lucy were found buried beneath the front porch in January of 1994. Allan, who lived at the home with his adoptive parents, Phillip and Margaret Lucy, disappeared without a trace in May of 1985. In the months that followed, Jason Lucy, Phillip and Margaret's biological son, told classmates that his father killed Allan and buried him in the backyard. As they work to uncover what really happened, the hosts hear from former Uniontown resident David B. House, who explains why, at the time, no one believed Jason's story, and shares the rumors that were circulating about the Lucy family long before Allan disappeared. Later, in trying to understand why—even years after Allan Lucy's murderer was brought to justice—the house has still not recovered, Hadley and Alyssa discuss the environmental issues that have driven many residents out of Uniontown, and left those who remain fighting for justice of their own. CREDITS Alyssa Fiorentino - Co-host & Producer Hadley Mendelsohn - Co-host & Producer Jessy Caron - Producer & Audio Editor Jacob Stone - Sound Editor & Mixer To advertise on the show: https://www.advertisecast.com/DarkHouse or email us at [email protected].  RELATED LINKS Uniontown Historic District Nomination Form (PDF): bit.ly/3YJmg44 ‘REPORTER: Covering Civil Rights...And Wrongs in Dixie’ by Alvin Benn: https://amzn.to/3P6yTTJ  Exploring An Abandoned Murder Mansion | Boy Buried Under The Porch (VIDEO): bit.ly/3OK07xZ “Environmental Injustice in Uniontown, Alabama, Decades after the Civil Rights Act of 1964: It's Time For Action” American Bar Association (ARTICLE): bit.ly/3P8tN9I “Uniontown is polluted with coal ash. Here’s how some UA students are helping” The Crimson White (ARTICLE): bit.ly/3E5Ullp “Judge orders Uniontown to stop fighting $31M sewer fix” Alabama.com (ARTICLE): bit.ly/45eKdTo “Alabama sues Uniontown again over sewage issues” Alabama.com (ARTICLE): bit.ly/3P9DW61 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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