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S2E22 The One With Your Health Data and Competitions

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Today’s episode is an important discussion...perhaps one of the most important ones I have had on the podcast over the last two years. I address something that is going on in the ballet competition world today. You might have heard of it, know someone who has done it, or even engaged in it yourself.

I am talking about misrepresenting health data on competition applications. This episode might be triggering for some and shocking for others, but it is an important conversation. I bring on Stephanie Potreck of Ausdancers Overseas, who has been conducting field research on the topic, and the preliminary results are disturbing.

Please know that neither Stephanie nor I have the answers…but we both strongly believe that opening the conversation is the first step in affecting change. We also have not spoken to any competition representatives regarding this topic. All we have is self-reported data from the dancers themselves. Listen on to hear the results of the data, and how you can get involved.

To connect with Stephanie and engage with her research on this topic:

Survey Website:

Instagram: @ausdancersoverseas

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