Customer Experience Goals with the CX Goalkeeper podcast

Customer Experience Goals with the CX Goalkeeper

Gregorio Uglioni

Business & Digital Transformation, Leadership, Innovation and Customer Experience.

It's not about B2B or B2C business - we are in a HUMAN to HUMAN environment.

Don't waste your time looking for latest insights, best practices, methods, ... I bring them to you.

I personally select the best thought leaders, experts, specialists and friends to give you, episode after episode, everything you need to smartly play in your job and in your life.

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About Gregorio Uglioni - Transforming Business Into Value Generating Engines - Creating Long-Lasting Impact Leveraging Customer Experience - Host Of The Globally Recognized CX Goalkeeper Podcast “Customer Experience Goals” - Speaker at global events & at podcasts - Judge at International Awards - CX Lecturer for several institutions

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