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Arrow Talk Podcast #102 - S 5 Ep 4 PENANCE

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Oliver's team captures an associate of Church's and delivers him and his loot to the SCPD. Afterward, Rory formally leaves the team saying that he cannot work with Felicity. Oliver leaves Star City to help Lyla break Diggle out of prison, over Felicity and the team's objections. Quentin and Adrian personally deliver the evidence to the SCPD, which turns out to be a disguised bomb. The explosion allows Church's group to break in and steal weapons and equipment. Oliver infiltrates a federal prison and locates Diggle, who agrees to escape to safeguard Oliver. Oliver takes him and Lyla to a H.I.V.E. safe house. Felicity attempts to reconcile matters with Rory. She and the team determine that Church plans an assault on the SCPD's anti-crime unit, where Adrian is interrogating Church's man. Rory rejoins the team, and they help everyone inside escape the attack. However, Curtis is injured and Church captures Rene, intending to torture him to death. Oliver returns and vows to rescue Rene, while Adrian decides to trust the vigilantes' motives. In flashbacks, Anatoli tasks Oliver with gaining information from, and then killing, an associate of Kovar. Oliver completes the assignment, and Anatoli welcomes him into the Bratva.

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