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Surprisingly This Running Tracker App Makes $80K a Month

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In this video, we'll show you a running tracker app that generates over $1 million per year despite not having a conventional onboarding process or a paywall. This is a testament to the app's success due to its widespread popularity and high download rates, proving that large download numbers can drive significant revenue.

The app, launched in 2026, has quickly grown in popularity, receiving 200,000 downloads each month and generating an impressive monthly income of $80,000.

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Which permissions to request: Learn how the app effectively balances user privacy and data collection, ensuring that necessary permissions are requested at the right stages of the user experience—both before and after the paywall is introduced.

A sneak peek into their paywall strategy: Gain insight into how the app implements its paywall, including the timing of its introduction, how it is communicated to users, and the strategies employed to encourage users to convert to paid plans while maintaining a positive user experience.

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