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Product-Led Growth Strategies From 100M Users

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Any company that's sort of building a freemium type of product needs to figure out a monetization strategy sooner or later, whether it's going to be for advertising or subscriptions.

Join us for an exclusive interview with Lomit Patel, Chief Growth Officer at Tynker, a leading code learning platform for kids boasting over 100 million users. In this engaging video, Patel shares his invaluable insights into the world of app growth, drawing from his wealth of experience.

Topics Covered:

Onboarding Strategies: Explore effective onboarding techniques that set the stage for a seamless user experience. Patel delves into the strategies that have proven successful in ensuring users navigate effortlessly through the initial stages of their interaction with the app.

Product-Led Growth Strategies: Uncover the secrets behind Tynker's product-led growth journey.

Product-Market Fit: Gain a deep understanding of the critical concept of product-market fit. Learn when the optimal time is to consider product-led growth and how achieving product-market fit can serve as a solid foundation for organic business growth.

Retention Secrets: Patel shares valuable insights into retaining users, addressing common concerns during free trials, and how Tynker has successfully navigated challenges in ensuring user satisfaction and prolonged engagement.

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