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1000 Days Sober Podcast

Lee Davy

The Founder of 1000 Days Sober, the Strive Sobriety System and the Strive Model for Change.

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  • 1000 Days Sober Podcast podcast

    Riffing About Sober Life: A Conversation With Gentry Jones


    Gentry Jones built her Instagram and social media community around her life as a sober single mom. Gentry's goal is to provide hope and humour to the mental health struggles of navigating sobriety and life as a single mom. She is dedicated to inspire, entertain and end the stigma of addiction.    You can find Gentry on Instagram   https://www.instagram.com/lifewithgentry/?hl=en   For more information on 1000 Days Sober.   https://www.1000dayssober.com/
  • 1000 Days Sober Podcast podcast

    Internal Family Systems: A Conversation With Dr Richard Schwartz


    Richard Schwartz began his career as a family therapist and an academic at the University of Illinois at Chicago. There he discovered that family therapy alone did not achieve full symptom relief and in asking patients why he learned that they were plagued by what they called “parts.” These patients became his teachers as they described how their parts formed networks of inner relationships that resembled the families he had been working with. He also found that as they focused on and, thereby, separated from their parts, they would shift into a state characterized by qualities like curiosity, calm, confidence and compassion. He called that inner essence the Self and was amazed to find it even in severely diagnosed and traumatized patients. From these explorations, the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model was born in the early 1980s. IFS is now evidence-based and has become a widely-used form of psychotherapy, particularly with trauma. It provides a non-pathologizing, optimistic, and empowering perspective and a practical and effective set of techniques for working with individuals, couples, families, and more recently, corporations and classrooms. In 2013 Schwartz left the Chicago area and now lives in Brookline, MA where he is on the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. List of Books: https://ifs-institute.com/store/category/11/author/4 Featured Articles: https://ifs-institute.com/resources/articles/evolution-internal-family-systems-model-dr- richard-schwartz-ph-d https://ifs-institute.com/resources/articles/larger-self
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  • 1000 Days Sober Podcast podcast

    Out of the Mind and Into The Body: A Conversation With Leah McQuade


    Leah McQuade is a transformational life coach with a passion for helping people overcome obstacles, tap into their potential, and create a life they love!    Like many of us, Leah’s journey toward her transformation has a lot of twists and turns. She vividly remembers her first taste of freedom when she recognized she had everything she needed for total liberation within herself. She loves helping others remove the barriers to their own freedom and liberation and guiding them to see the power that lies within.    Leah is a Master Certified Coach and has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy specializing in women’s health. She holds numerous certifications in shamanic studies and various modern and traditional yoga styles. Leah blends her unique life experiences, knowledge, and skills to guide people in removing blockages that might be in the way of living a full and vibrant life.    Through groups, one-on-one coaching, yoga experiences, virtual online portals, and shamanic healing sessions, Leah inspires people worldwide to find the strength and courage to begin their healing journey and clear what stands in the way of them and their dreams. It’s in the healing of the wounds and pains of our past that we can shine our light, find our unique voice, and live our most authentic lives.    Leah is a soul-preneur, travelling junkie, activist, and outdoor enthusiast. She’s travelled to over 40 countries and recently spent 18 months touring North America with her husband in a 25-foot RV and loved every minute of it.    You can find Leah at LeahMcQuade.com,  leahmcquade1 on Instagram, or LeahMcQuade on Facebook
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    Human Design, Gene Keys and Everything Else in Between: A Conversation With Victoria Fenton


    Victoria has been in the world of personal development and healthcare for almost 20 years.   During the course of her own transformative healing journey, which lasted over a decade, Victoria studied under various spiritual, somatic and trauma-aware teachers. She was one of the original students trained by Ra Uru Hu in Human Design, and then by Richard Rudd in Gene Keys - and is also qualified in mindset reframing techniques such as NLP and CBT.   As her recovery progressed she studied physical disciplines, becoming a certified Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Ultimately, with this diverse skillset, she went on to run her own successful Medical and Healthcare Practice from the world-renowned Harley Street Medical Centre in London, UK for almost 7 years.   She has worked with over 1000 patients globally and acted as a consultant to several leading healthcare companies using her unique, trauma-informed approach which focuses on regulating the nervous system as the foundation for healing and self-actualisation. Because of this nervous system focus, Victoria also established a coaching/inner work branch in her business, supporting individuals, executives and company teams to evolve, transform and up-level every area.   Coaching is ultimately where Victoria’s passion lies, so she has now transitioned away from medicine and offers intensive 1-2-1 coaching packages aimed at supporting anyone who is ready to embark upon personal evolution and ultimate becoming. In particular, her 1-2-1 work is suited to executives and leaders looking to unlock their limitless potential. Victoria is also building a suite of courses that provide the roadmaps for inner work and transformational healing for anyone seeking support to undertake these life-changing inner journeys.    
  • 1000 Days Sober Podcast podcast

    Self Love for Queens: A Conversation With Amanda Frederick


    Amanda Frederick is Self Love + Relationship Coach. She’s on a mission to help women raise their vibration, be the love they so deeply desire and create a life that turns them on. For years she struggled with finding her purpose, living to only please those around her and clinging to unfulfilling jobs and relationships. She has healed and changed in ways she never knew possible, and now she helps others do the same.
  • 1000 Days Sober Podcast podcast

    Losers With a Dream: A Laugh With Lisa Lampanelli, Beau McDowell& Nick Scopoletti


      Comedians Beau McDowell and Nick Scopoletti suck at dating, suck at jobs, and suck at most things in life. But they’re great at talking about their feelings and taking advice from their mentor, the former Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli.    In this episode, we talk about nothing in particular - we just have a laugh - and laughter is good for the soul.
  • 1000 Days Sober Podcast podcast

    The Language of Emotions: A Conversation With Karla McLaren


    Karla McLaren, M.Ed. is an award-winning author, educator, and social science researcher. Her work revalues even the most “negative” emotions and opens startling new pathways into self-awareness, effective communication, and healthy empathy. She is the author of The Power of Emotions at Work, Embracing Anxiety, and The Language of Emotions, and she is the developer of the online learning site EmpathyAcademy.org.
  • 1000 Days Sober Podcast podcast

    Living in Your Zone of Genius: A Conversation With Gay Hendricks


    Gay Hendricks has been a leader in the fields of relationship transformation and bodymind transformation for more than 45 years.   After earning his Ph.D. From Stanford in 1974, Gay served as Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Colorado for 21 years.   He has written more than 40 books, including bestsellers such as Five Wishes, The Big Leap, Conscious Loving and Conscious Loving Ever After, (the last two co-authored with his co-author and mate for more than 35 years, Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks).   He is also a mystery novelist, with a series of five books featuring the Tibetan-Buddhist private detective, Tenzing Norbu, as well as a new mystery series featuring a Victorian-era London detective, Sir Errol Hyde.   His book Conscious Luck reveals eight ways to change your fortunes through the power of intention.   Gay has appeared on more than 500 radio and television shows, including Oprah, CNN, CNBC, 48 HOURS and others. His new book, The Genius Zone, was published in June, 2021.
  • 1000 Days Sober Podcast podcast

    The Money Tree Paradox: A Conversation With Katy Chen Mazzara


    Katy Chen Mazzara is a certified financial coach and graduate of UC Berkeley’s Personal Financial Planning Program. As a former journalist, TV producer and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Katy understands the balance between dreaming and doing. She helps creative, freedom seekers make MORE, worry less and achieve true financial freedom, so they can create the life of their dreams!   To join Katy's Five Days to Financial Freedom Challenge - https://www.subscribepage.com/fivedaystofinancialfreedom
  • 1000 Days Sober Podcast podcast

    "I Could Never Hang Out With a Mum That Doesn't Drink": A Conversation With Elise Knox


    Two mothers walk into a bar.   One mother says to the other, “What would you like to drink?”   The other mother says, “Nothing.”   Why do we stigmatise the mother who refuses to drink a powerful drug that kills 3.3 million people per year and celebrate the mother who chooses to drink?   Hasn’t the world got this one a little bit backwards?   Elise Knox is a mother who chooses not to drink alcohol. She also coaches teens and families, so I got her on the podcast to discuss the stigma associated with being a mother who chooses NOT to drink alcohol and how adults' choice to drink impacts their children.   Elise loves helping teens and their families glide through the significant transitions and everyday life challenges in 2021 and beyond. She loves working with teens to help them figure out who they really are and how they want to show up in the world. She is inspired every day by the gifts, talents, and insights of the teens she works with.   Elise values communication and connection and loves supporting families to find a different way to show up - one which is less triggering and more connecting.   She considers each family's unique structure and tailors her approach with fluidity as she understands that each family has their strengths and challenges.   Elise is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Elementum Master Life Coach (Sept 2021), yoga teacher, former middle school teacher, and mama. She uses skills from each one of these aspects of her training and life experience to meet teens and families right where they are and help guide them back to a place of more ease and joy.

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