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Kijun Seo - Building Nine Chronicles: Open-Source Game Owned & Governed By The Users - Zima Red ep 81

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My guest today is Kijun Seo. Kijun is a co-founder of Planetarium which is the company behind the game Nine Chronicles. Nine Chronicles is wild. A completely open-source, decentralized RPG game built on their own blockchain and governed by the users.

Kijun has an incredible story and background ranging from a deep interest in art to being a game developer working on multiple types of projects. This unique background definitely had an impact on the formation of Nine Chronicles - because the entire ethos of the platform is to empower users and give them nearly unlimited creative freedom

I feel like this episode is a sneak peek into the future of gaming.

Not only encouraging users to create their own user-generated content but rewarding them for doing so and leaving it up to the community on whether or not to include that content into the actual gaming experience. An unbelievable concept that would have simply been impossible a few short years ago.

If you want a sneak peek in the future then you have to check out this episode

Please enjoy my conversation with Kijun



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    My guest today is Roshun Patel aka Ro. Ro is a Vice President at Genesis which is lending and trading desk fully dedicated to the crypto sector. Ro joined Genesis in the very early days of its formation and has seen it grow from a tiny couple person operation into the behemoth that it is today We dive deep into crypto lending markets, what they are, how they work and why they are needed. It was incredible chatting with Ro because he is deep into market psychology, trading, lending and how the crypto markets are evolving from both a ground floor and institutional standpoint If you want to dive deep into the inner workings of the crypto markets, then this is your episode for you Please enjoy my conversation with Ro https://twitter.com/roshunpatel https://twitter.com/genesistrading
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    AG - DAOs: The Future of Work - Zima Red ep 82


    My guest today is AG. AG is a full-time DAO member at the Index Co-op. Index Co-op is a decentralized autonomous asset manager. Anyone who has listened to my previous episode with Dark Forest will know the power of Index Co-Op but by speaking with AG it opened up even more doors on what is possible with DAOs. After speaking with both Dark Forest and AG I am even more convinced that DAOs will play a huge role in the future of work. I feel like AG was born to be in a DAO, hearing his background from working and living in multiple countries, working in the finance industry and diving deep into crypto, it seems like the stars have aligned with his current work with DAOs. If you want to learn about the future of online cooperation, coordination and work, then you can't miss this episode. Please enjoy my conversation with AG https://twitter.com/verto0912 https://twitter.com/indexcoop

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