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Chris - The Most Trusted News Source In NFTs With NFT Plazas - Zima Red ep 88

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My guest today is Chris. Chris is a crypto and NFT OG who is the founder of NFT Plazas, a news site that covers all the action in and around the NFT space.

I have known Chris for years and although we have never met in person, count him as a friend and someone who is trustworthy. It's funny how the metaverse can do that.

I bring this up because it is important to have trusted individuals leading organizations that cover the news in our emergent industry.

During our conversation with cover a lot, Chris’s background, how he get involved in the ecosystem, the creation of NFT Plazas and so much more. I always love speaking with those that are not only building in our space but also those that are doing it in a thoughtful manner with the ethos of the open metaverse in mind.

Please enjoy my conversation with Chris




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    Sillytuna - The OG Who Sold A Punk For $12m AND Can See The Future - Zima Red ep 99


    My guest today is Sillytuna. Sillytuna has to be the OG-iest OGs out there. He is a game developer who got involved in bitcoin in 2012 and hasn't looked back since He is the creator and founder of numerous different projects and has done some really exciting things. From starting an NFT card game back in 2016, to his new project called Soulcast, and in 2021 he even sold an alien Cryptopunk for $12m dollars. This episode is like a masterclass in the history of crypto, NFTs, crypto gaming and what the future of this industry holds. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Sillytuna because his past experiences can teach us a lot about what to expect going forward. Before diving in, I will leave you with an exciting quote “We’ve got decades to go. We are the internet in 1994.” With that, please enjoy my conversation with Sillytuna https://twitter.com/sillytuna
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    Will Weinraub - Building Cryptoys, The Disney Of The Metaverse - Zima Red ep 98


    My guest today is Will Weinraub. Will is the founder of On-Chain studios which is creating Cryptoys. Cryptoys is an exciting NFT toy platform, that is creating interactive NFTs, play-to-earn experiences and much more. This was an amazing conversation, Will has deep experience as a founder, tinkerer and builder - having started and sold multiple businesses His first foray as an entrepreneur was at 13 years old making a wrestling fan website for a solid $100 bucks. Fast forward some years, Will created another startup called LiveNinja which was then acquired by a telecom company That is just a small sneak peek into our conversation but we dive into a ton of different topics like how to start your own business, the challenges that founders face, and of course Cryptoys which after hearing Will talk about it, I think is going to be huge. If you want to hear some stories from a top founder and about some leaked alpha, then you cant miss this episode Please enjoy my conversation with Will https://twitter.com/willweinraub https://twitter.com/CryptoysHQ
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    Alex Gausman - Creating The Decentralized NFT Liquidity Protocol & Exchange With NFTX - Zima Red ep 97


    My guest today is Alex Gausman. Alex is the founder and lead contributor to NFTX which is NFT liquidity protocol and decentralised NFT exchange Alex dove deep into crypto in 2017 after discovering Ethereum and was attracted to it by the idea it could become this alternative financial system and economy. It wasn't until the summer of 2020, after Alex was exploring and investing in the NFT ecosystem, that he decided to create NFTX because of the clear liquidity issues he was experiencing Initially Created as a protocol to create cryptocurrency that was backed by NFTs, NFTX has evolved from offering NFT index funds to a full blown NFT DEX. It is clear to me that Alex is an amazing builder who is identifying problems in the ecosystem and creating solutions for them. Something that we should all aspire to do Please enjoy my conversation with Alex https://twitter.com/alexgausman https://twitter.com/NFTX_
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    Jen Kim - Seeking NFT Alpha With NFTBank - Zima Red ep 96


    My guest today is Jen Kim. Jen is the Head of Product at NFTBank which is an NFT finance and portfolio management platform. Even though Jen says that she is very new to the crypto/NFT ecosystem she is obviously an insanely fast learner because she knows all about the social and financial ramifications NFTs will have on our future. During our conversation we dive into what NFTBank is capable of today and their future plans. Spoiler alert, NFTBank is just getting started. From creating extremely accurate NFT price prediction tools, to NFT portfolio management, to enabling a near limitless number of financial use-cases, NFTBank is a big deal. If you want to learn about a product we will likely all be using in the near future, then you gotta check out this episode. Please enjoy my conversation with Jen https://twitter.com/curiosor2 https://twitter.com/NFTBank_ai
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    Rich - Are You Ready Player DAO? Master Class in Play-to-Earn - Zima Red ep 95


    My guest today is Rich. Rich is the lead at ReadyPlayerDAO which is a large and successful play-to-earn guild. If you want a masterclass in all things Play-to-Earn then you have come to the right episode. Rich is an expert having managed his own Play-to-Earn guild before expanding it into ReadyPlayerDAO. On this episode you will learn all the different methods to generate returns from activities like breeding, battling and even future resource collection from digital land. I expect the Play-to-Earn economy to far surpass the global market for gaming, which is something like $200 billion dollars per year, as Play-to-Earn attracts both gamers and people that want to earn extra income. If you believe in this thesis as well then you can get started on your Play-to-Earn education now Please enjoy my conversation with Rich. https://twitter.com/ReadyPlayerRich https://twitter.com/ReadyPlayerDAO
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    Ian Lee - Syndicate Protocol: The Investment Protocol To Rule Them All - Zima Red ep 94


    My guest today is Ian Lee. Warning this episode might blow your mind. Ian is a co-founder of Syndicate Protocol which is part investment protocol and part social network. You will hear multiple times on this episode as my brain attempts to compute what Ian and the syndicate team are building because it so mind bending and will literally change how investing is done forever Ian and I don't just chat Syndicate protocol but also dive into his thoughts on the crypto & NFT markets, the evolution of web2 to web3, how DAOs are changing the investing world and Ian’s incredible background as a long-time investor and operator If you want to learn all about DAOs and the future of investing, then you cant miss this episode Please enjoy my conversation with Ian https://twitter.com/ianDAOs https://twitter.com/SyndicateDAO
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    Harry Zhang - How To Build A Web3 Startup + On-Chain Credentials With Galaxy - Zima Red ep 93


    My guest today is Harry Zhang. Harry is a co-founder and project lead of Galaxy which is a protocol that powers on-chain credentials through NFTs. Speaking to Harry was amazing, he is a true builder having previously started a few companies and even sold a web3 startup called DLive which was essentially like a decentralised YouTube. There is a very short list of people in the entire world who have started a web3 company and sold it so Harry is filled with knowledge that other founders will find very useful. As we dive into Galaxy and the future of credentials, it is very clear that he has a deep understanding of the web3 ecosystem. From being involved from both a community and builder standpoint. If you are looking to learn about the future of work, credentials, and how to build in web3, then you cant miss this episode Please enjoy my conversation with Harry https://twitter.com/harryzhanghz https://twitter.com/ProjectGalaxyHQ
  • Zima Red podcast

    Will Robinson - PhD In Game Design Turned Incubator Lead @ DeFi Alliance - Zima Red ep 92


    My guest today is Will Robinson. Will leads the accelerator program at the DeFi Alliance which is part incubator and part investment fund focused on the Defi and web3 gaming ecosystems. This was an amazing conversation, Will has an incredible background with a PhD in game design and worked at a large accounting company as their in-house crypto expert before moving onto his current role at DeFi Alliance. Will’s insight on gaming, user motivation, user behavior, storytelling, and so much more is unrivaled. Any and every one who wants to dive deep into the what makes a game great, has to check out you this episode. Please enjoy my conversation with Will. https://twitter.com/DangerWillRobin https://twitter.com/defialliance
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    Justin Trimble - How NFTs & AI Are Changing Culture (And The Power Of Memes!) - Zima Red ep 91


    My guest today is Justin Trimble. Justin is creative that has a background in psychology but has been interested in music, art, culture, finance and tech since a very early age. Naturally when he discovered NFTs it was the perfect fit Justin was diving deep into crypto when he discovered cryptopunks and was able to claim for free directly from their website when they first launched. This was an awesome conversation, Justin is exceptionally thoughtful and he oozes authenticity for his love of our ecosystem. He has interesting thoughts on culture, AI and how memes and NFTs are impacting our society Justin a great steward of our community and we are really lucky to have someone with his values, busy building in the metaverse Please enjoy my conversation with Justin https://twitter.com/justintrimble
  • Zima Red podcast

    Jin - The OG Metaverse Creator & Builder - Zima Red ep 90


    My guest today is Jin. Jin is the metaverse OG. He has been involved with creating and exploring metaverse related technologies like VR, AR, cryptography, hacker art, video game modding, and so much more. The coolest thing about all of this? He is actually the person who got me deep down the rabbithole of the metaverse back in February 2019 while at the NFT conference, NFT NYC. He was able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me and I vividly remember actually having an Ah Ha moment while listening to him speak. I give so much credit to Jin and those who were early on building towards this world which has the open, fair and decentralized ethos as core components of the metaverse. If you want to hear from the OG of OGs and to the person that inspired me, then you have to check out this episode. Please enjoy my conversation with Jin. https://twitter.com/dankvr

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