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your spiritual self

Ticiana Dine

I am Ticiana Dine and this podcast is all about connecting to your soul purpose in this life, through herb-healing, Ayuverdia, tarot, meditation and being out of the egocentric mind box. I invite yourself to reconnect with your spirit and understand your soul contract in this life.

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  • your spiritual self podcast

    You, me and nature


    This episode is all about nature reminder. It is about nature talking to us. Its an inner reflection if who we are, what we forgot about nature. It is a nature call to all us.
  • your spiritual self podcast

    Why do we become depressive


    Most of the people have deal in one moment in their life with depression. Some of us, we have been infected by their virus in a form that I explain in the podcast. We become more attracted to depression and routine rather than being motivated and go for the unknown. Do not fear life, fear people that constantly pulls you down and backwards.
  • your spiritual self podcast

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  • your spiritual self podcast

    Negative people are like tornadoes.


    We all have seen, deal or hear story of people in 24 hours about someone being mean to the another person. I actually see negative people as tornadoes when they tend to pull you in, triggering with their presence and making you weak. At the instance you interact with them you become their victim. Here I express one of my experience with a person with tornado energy and what was the lesson I learned and I wanted to share with all you.
  • your spiritual self podcast

    Do not give your superpower to coachers.


    When we feel not enough we tend to believe other’s superpower and pay and follow procedures on how we have to live our life.
  • your spiritual self podcast

    Why must we all be famous?


    Most of influencers now days put many doubts in people’s mind making then feeling that are not enough. Most of influencers are not even honest with the things they publish making believe that the real life should be full of followers, always happy and if you do not have impact in this life as they do, then who you are? The question of who you are makes most of the people that are followers of these influencers, to feel in depression and be a second and third copy of someone else that now is famous. Why must we all be famous? That must be the point to show who we truly are? That depends or shows our human value? We are unique and we do not depends on others opinion of being absolutely famous. Our mission is to understand who we are, what we love and what is our dharma, and not everybody’s dharma is to be famous or influencer.
  • your spiritual self podcast

    Don’t let psycho vampires suck your energy.


    We all have some friends, colleges, bosses at work, a person at sharing houses, or even our partner (boyfriend or husband) that need special need when it comes to gossipy or to negative topics. Some they tend to say inly their problems and that the Universe is not working for them, and how unlucky they are etc. Some others tend to say all the time the problems they have at work, and others just gossiping about others problems. At the end of the day, we feel exhausted, we have headache, sad, not having enough time for ourselves just because we have been absorbed to their dark maze.
  • your spiritual self podcast

    Why no one fail in the job interview!


    We always try to be the best in the job interviews. Probably to copy paste some phrases and say some commitment and add some extra unpaid hours just because we are hard worker. That’s what the directors or bosses want to hear. We have to not let them test us, but we do have as well test them. No one is a prisoner of others. They need someone to do the job, we do need a job to be work and not a miserable being place.
  • your spiritual self podcast

    Why do we choose and attract wrong people?


    If we aren’t honest with ourselves and show to the world who we really are, we can’t be sad why others disappoint us. The way we put boundaries and we are all the time in a process of self developing, others can’t harm us. Is our job to be better and heal past traumas, fears and insecurities. Is our job to make ourselves happy, not other’s present or other’s actions.
  • your spiritual self podcast

    What if our health abandons us?


    The moment we understand we have to wake up because and do more about our body and internal health. How we have to avoid the victim state and be able to avoid toxic relationship, toxic work, toxic friends, toxic mainstream information through tv, radio, newspapers and toxic food. We have to live the now and not the future that one day it will be our present again
  • your spiritual self podcast

    Don’t let the fear system to trap your soul.


    I speak here about our spirits, to reconnect with our dharma/ purpose and to not let the fear system of virus or of big bosses, work, or colleagues to trap our inner voice. We came in this world for a reason and everything what is happening right now is a wake up call to think about now and not what is coming in ten years after.

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