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#017 - Drew Wilson

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Drew Wilson is an accomplished designer, developer and entrepreneur with a prolific portfolio of online projects. In 2014 he founded payment startup Plasso which was later acquired by GoDaddy. Drew now works on his new venture Logical to help startups visually build and launch web services. We rap about AI disrupting the film industry, surfing with beefy sharks, why Letter Banking closed down, film vs web, his passion project Ryte and exactly what angel investors are looking for in pitch decks.

  • (01:17) Surfing or Legoland
  • (02:36) Road trip across 48 United States
  • (03:42) Sharks vs Orcas
  • (05:34) Intermission: Overrated, Underrated
  • (06:53) What is Logical all about?
  • (12:04) How important is it to distill your idea down into a one liner for potential investors?
  • (13:14) If you can’t narrow your idea to a tagline, is it fair to say you aren’t focused enough on a niche to launch?
  • (14:18) What is essential to include in a deck for potential investors?  
  • (16:47) Logical: will it cater for cached layers?
  • (18:27) Logical: authentication types
  • (19:37) Logical: team members
  • (20:16) Logical: Any investors?
  • (21:00) Intermission: No Context
  • (22:05) Film vs web
  • (23:13) If your Plasso exit was hypothetically 100x - what are you funding next?
  • (26:15) Sonic movie success
  • (27:22) Logan, one of his favourite movies
  • (28:26) Early film projects
  • (29:25) Is there an urge to fix something in film industry or do you want to make great stories?
  • (31:20) Will AI disrupt film?    
  • (36:00) Letter Banking: What happened?
  • (38:35) Letter Banking:In hindsight do you think there were indicators?
  • (39:40) Letter Banking: Could you not replace the Series A investor?
  • (43:35) Letter Banking: What is the silver lining?
  • (45:15) Is Logical a breath of fresh air after a banking startup?
  • (47:37) Do you think startups are missing an opportunity for video to amplify their marketing efforts?
  • (50:27) What is Ryte? Is it danger zone working dual with Logical?
  • (55:14) Ryte: Are you breaking through some engineering feat that hasn't been built before?
  • (55:40) Ryte: Do you build this to solve your own problems or to be acquired?
  • (56:15) AI: What advice do you have for listeners scare of upcoming AI landscape? 


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