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xoNecole's podcasts are here to serve up the candid conversations and real girl talk we need. Our highly acclaimed “Happy Hour” podcast is serving up the unfiltered truth about relationships, friendships, and sex….straight up, no chaser!Get the scoop on all things wellness with our “Made For Me” podcast where we’re talking about everything from mental to menstrual health, joined by some honorary guests and experts who aren’t afraid to keep it real.Next, fill up your self-care talk with our new series “She Comes First.” Here, our Editor-In-Chief Brooke Obie chats with celebrity guests about prioritizing the kind of self care that feeds the soul. Need a mid-week pep talk, or a quick reminder to adjust your crown? Tune into the xoNecole podcast network and put you first.Visit xonecole.com and @xoNecole on Instagram for more.

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