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018 - Big shifts, Anxiety and our Spring Bucket-lists

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This week we start a new tradition by taking a moment to tune into how we feel. You're invited too!

We share big shifts we've both experienced recently, where we were, where we are now and how we shifted.

We then get pretty deep into Anxiety and if it's something that you are familiar with Anna shared the following tools:

  • Read 'First We Make the Beast Beautiful' by Sarah Wilson
  • Reduce sugar and coffee
  • Remember it has nothing to do with what's 'out there' so focus on what's within you
  • Take slow, shallow, cooling breaths. Pretend to be breathing through a straw and blow the cool air into the palm of your hands
  • Trust that it is Life moving through you and you are capable of holding it
  • Read this article she wrote https://mag.foyht.org/anxiety/

We also talk about all the fun things we are looking forward to in the coming month and then ... drumroll.....

Em ends the episode by sharing a beautiful reminder.

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