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Telling Stories Pet Parents Want to Hear: Author Amy Shojai

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In this episode, I have the pleasure of getting to know pet author and certified animal behavior consultant Amy Shojai. We get started with Amy’s story of how she got inspired to get into writing about pets while working in a small vet clinic in Eastern Kentucky.

At the clinic, she witnessed first hand the wide variety of treatments and pets and need to convey important information to pet parents in a way that they could easily understand. That experience got her started writing about pets for publications like Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy. She developed a signature writing style for articles that started with a story about a pet, transitioned into the featured medical information and wrapped up with an update on how the pet is doing after treatment. That structure of leading with a strong hook followed by education got people’s interest, especially when there was a happy ending to share!

Amy and I also talk about why we love to read fiction written by dog experts. Amy admits that she has thrown books across the room when the author clearly doesn't know a thing about dogs and writes unrealistic or dangerous stories about them! Same, girl! If you dream of writing about pets, or if you just want to promote your pet business through really great stories, you will enjoy this interview!

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