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Sustainable Trends & Women's Leadership in Pet Nutrition with Natalie Asaro

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This episode is all about my favorite theme… collaboration! In talking with Natalie Asaro of Petcurean Pet Nutrition, it was awesome to learn how their team works together with others in the pet food industry.

We talked about some of the trends in the pet food industry as pet parents are getting more involved and invested in the ingredients they feed their dogs. Petcurean is leading the way with research into sustainable ingredients like black soldier fly larvae. I also enjoyed learning about how they’re making nutrition accessible to all pet parents with three different brands at three different price points. It’s interesting to think about how all of us could offer something like this in our pet brands.

Another lesson we can all learn from this conversation with Natalie is about providing honest and thorough customer service. The pet nutritionist team at Petcuriean is available to share food advice with pet parents, and they might even recommend a different brand if nothing they carry is the right fit for the pet. I love how transparent that is! It shows how everyone on the team really cares the most about pet health. At the end of the day, it’s all about healthy pets!

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