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Why kids usually "prefer" one parent #021

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Ever felt like it's all on you and your kids ONLY wants you?
Ever felt like, no matter what you do, you're always just second best in your child's eyes? 

You're not alone. In this episode, we examine the emotional rollercoaster of the attachment hierarchy in families. Sharing my own experiences as a non-preferred parent, I peel back the layers of this complex dynamic. 

As we traverse the spectrum of parenting challenges, from feeling like the backup to handling jealousy, you'll uncover strategies and reassurance that will redefine your approach to these sensitive situations.

Parenting is not a competition, yet it can certainly feel that way. 

This episode sheds light on the evolutionary underpinnings of why children may gravitate towards one caregiver and how this is not an indictment of your parenting prowess. We'll navigate the tricky emotions that come with parental comparisons, offering insights into fostering secure attachments and empowering both preferred and non-preferred parents.

Then I address preferred parents and non-preferred parents directly and ask "What can you do, based on your role, to support your child and your partner?" 

This was one of the most vulnerable episodes for me to record; I hope that you are encouraged and helped through listening!

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