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Dad Life (with @TheDadEdge Larry Hagner) #017

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When your past knocks on the door unexpectedly after 18 years, you realize that fatherhood isn't just a role—it's a journey full of profound discoveries. 

This realization comes to life in my heartfelt sit-down with Larry Hagner from the Dad Edge podcast. We peel back the layers of what it means to be an active, engaged parent, touching on everything from the transformative effects of a standing desk to the emotional rollercoasters tied to our own childhood stories. 

As a father to four boys and a husband for over two decades, Larry brings a wealth of experience and insight into the art of communication and the power of vulnerability within family relationships. 

We share tales from our personal lives, revealing how past pains, like dealing with an absent father or the trials within stepfamilies, have sculpted our approaches to parenthood. It's a conversation that traverses the peaks and valleys of raising kids and nurturing a marriage, all while continuously growing as individuals.

The promises we make as parents and the effort it takes to fulfill them are the pillars of this episode. I get real about the intricacies of discipline, the commitment to creating a loving environment, and the intentional raising of emotionally intelligent boys. We discuss the importance of setting boundaries while also being a beacon of safety and guidance. 

These stories and advice are woven into a rich tapestry that reflects the enduring impact of fatherhood on personal growth and the legacies we build for our children. 

Join us for a discussion that's not just about parenting but about the essence of manhood and the indelible marks we leave on those we love.

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