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Attention Seeking #016

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For the Episode referenced with Eli Harwood:

Ever found yourself perplexed by your child's seemingly endless quest for attention? We're peeling back the layers on why kids clamor for the spotlight and how you might be contributing to it without even realizing it. Tap into a wealth of compassion-fueled insights and practical strategies as we tackle the myth that ignoring attention-seeking behaviors is the best route. From the seven-year-old who can’t play alone to understanding the unique needs of children with ADHD, discover how to guide your little ones towards healthy, independent connections.

Remember the times when a simple hug could make everything better? That's the power of targeted, reassuring love we're advocating for in today's conversation. I'm drawing from my own journey as a parent with ADHD to share the kind of attention that enriches the parent-child bond and caters to neurodivergent children. You'll hear not just theories, but real-life applications that can turn around your child's playtime blues and bolster their emotional resilience.

Wrapping things up, we're not just talking about managing attention-seeking antics; we're building a foundation for our children's future. 

Listen to heartwarming stories, like the one about my own son, that illustrate the triumphs of nurturing our kids' independence within a supportive framework. And yes, we're fostering frustration tolerance, but not at the expense of our relationship with our children. This is your roadmap to raising well-adjusted kids who know their emotional needs are just as important as their physical ones. 

Join us, and let's navigate this parenting adventure together.

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